Underground House Music

Jose Jimenez had his first experience with electronic music at the down of the 80s. For this Dj and Producer, an early started interest for the electronic music became a real passion. Funk, Disco, Soul, R&B, Freestyle, Electro and the new beat scene where the first big influences on his future career in music. 

DJ Jose Jimenez has been into the underground electronic music scene since the end of the 80?s. When he started polishing his turntable skills with a refreshing choice of hard funky music, enriched with EBM, acid House, new beat, trance, and others. 

His Deep Love of electronic music has produced an exquisite music taste, which is the primary source of inspiration for his work. More than 10 years of DJ-ing experiences, ardent dedication, and unique choice of music. 

Have modeled a DJ, who enjoys big respect and popularity at the underground music scene, His jobs to arrive to super clubs like “Main Room @ Centro-Fly” NYC, “Mixx Lounge” NYC, “Bills Club” Dallas, “Ok Disco” Margarita Island,“Tiffany Beach” Margarita Island,“Electronic Room @ Davids Club” Margarita Island, “Nova Cafe” Margarita Island, “Main Room @ Kamy Beach” Margarita Island, “Red Noise @ Kamy Beach” Margarita Island, “Privilege” Maracay, “Babylon” Valencia, “Marsay” Barquisimeto, “Alter” Barquisimeto, “Zeus” Barquisimeto, “Loud” Valencia, “Gulash” Maracay, “Babylon” Margarita Island, “Mikonos” Margarita Island, “Living” Margarita Island, “Daddyes Latino” Margarita Island, “Club Space” Barquisimeto, Performances to “Museo Carmelo Fernandez” Yaracuy, Performance to Photographic exposition “Daniela Chappard International Fundation” Musseum, “CBA” fm Argentina, “Vibra” Bogota fm, “Robotica” fm Uruguay, “Beat” 1009 fm Mexico, ?La Mega? fm Margarita Island-Vzla, participated in special projects with companies as Brahma Drums, Pepsi Music, Red Bull, Jhonnie Walker, Smirnoff, Polar, JBL, Dass Audio, Roland, Pioneer Inc, Yamaha Inc, Sony, Korg, Technics, Ilardo Audio Sistems, and so forth like ones of your djs for VIP Parties or showcase, 

As the years go by, he shared the turntables with great DJs and musicians such as: Jhon Creamer, Liquid Todd (K-Rock), Trendroid, Dan Barnes, Jon Ferrari, Small Change, Mikey Lights Muniz, Lord G, Lunic and Frank Rempe, Sean Cormac, John Cacciatore, Parker, Terry Francis,Luis Erre his most recently work “Touch Me” ( Jose Jimenez Nycircuit Mix ) by Dirty Talk Recordings, Electrotribal ? Let Me Out ( Jose Jimenez Soho Mix )by Fire Beats Records, Electrotribal ? Electro Cumbia ( Jose Jimenez Caracola Mix ) by Roraima Records, Jean Carles Ferre ? 997 ( Jose Jimenez Ibiza Mix ) by Vip House Records, Luis Gonzalves ? About Me ( Jose Jimenez Rmx ) by HF Records, Jose Jimenez – Crazy Travel ( Original Mix ) by Fire Beats Records, Jose Jimenez ? La Luz al Final del Camino ( Original Mix ) by HF Records, Orbita Dj feat Ane Aranxa ? Protect Me ( Jose Jimenez Rmx ) by Roraima Records, Felixfox & LeE Guedez ? Bring it to Me ( Jose Jimenez Monster Remix ) by Roraima Records and more unreleased original tracks, remix and white labels.